My name is Csaba Kovacs, I am a Hungarian pinhole photographer. I take my photos with pinhole cameras (analog technique). Actually the pinhole cameras are the simplest photography cameras. It is a box with a tiny hole. The light percolates through on the tiny hole to the inside of the box (seconds or minutes) where it projects on a light sensitive film or paper. After developing the photo derives from it.
I have been engaged in solargraphy for several years, that is a special area within the pinhole photography. Perhaps the solargraphy could mean Sun trail, it is the longest exposure time in photography.To be exact from a few hours to half a year. I use a low sensitive photographic paper into which the Sun burns the trails. From these pictures you easily can read that when the Sun was higher it was near to summer solstice, when the Sun was lower it was near to winter solstice and it shows us the weather in general as well. It is interesting ,that basically the paper is black and white but after the digital developing it will be coloured.
I make some of my cameras myself, therefore I have the freedom that my pictures will be as I imagined them to be.
This is a magical world


Interviews and artist features:

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Individual exhibition:

2016 Days, weeks, months 2.0 – Budapest, Máriaremete-Hidegkút Ecumenical Elem. School

2015 Days, weeks, months – Budapest, FISE Gallery



2018 21th Esztergom Photography Biennale, Esztergom, Budapest

2018 1. Solargraphy and analema exhibition, Brazil

2017 A homályos látszekrény képei, Triptihole group, Érd

2017 Five Elements – Three Artists, Triptihole Group, KMG, Dunaszerdahely

2016 111 years old Fridrich Photo Studio memorial exhibition, Szentes

2016 Solar 2016, Argentina

2016 20th Esztergom Photography Biennale, Esztergom, Budapest

2016 Streams (Dunapest-FISE), Project Gallery, Budapest

2016 Photo Patagonia, Argentina, Rio Gallegos

2016 Lines and curves – international exhibition, Budapest, PH 21 Gallery

2015 21th Photosalon of Alföld, Szentes

2015 International Exhibition of Solargraphy, Argentina, Buenos Aires

2015 Fresh FIShEs 7.2, Budapest, FISE Gallery

2014 19th Esztergom Photography Biennale, Esztergom, Budapest

2013 Szöglyukasok, Budapest, Kerengő Gallery of National Dance Theater



2017 9th Annual International Curious Camera EventUSA, Tucson, third prise

2016 22th Photo Salon of Alföld, Memory of Balázs Telek honorable mention

2016 8th Annual International Curious Camera Event, USA, Tucson, honorable mention

2015 International Photo Competition, Kiskunfélegyháza, honorable mention

2015 12th TIT photo and photographer of the year (2014), honorable mention

2015. February 21th NASA APOD, Astronomy Picture of the day

2014 20th Photo Salon of Alföld, honorable mention

2014 19th Jászkun Photo Salon first prise, plaquett



2014 FISE (Studio of Young Desingners Assotiation)