Matchbox pinhole

May 11, 2014

I have made the simpliest Leica format film pinhole camera of the world from a matchbox.

The matchbox is the body (camera obscura – dark room) it gives the wide angle because the depth is small (the distance of the pinhole to film is about 1 cm). I can define the picture forma as well, it can be square, rectangular (4:3, 3:2, etc.) or any shape even round, too. In this case I took rectangular panorama (2:1) form photos by this camera. The hole diameter is approx. 0.2 mm (optimally 0,133 mm), this means that a 10 mm focal length F value was 75. You can find more general information here.
The pictures below present the different materials and the finished camera that is necessary for the reconstitution:


You can see in the next pictures the camera in use:


I share some photos as well. Unfortunately, out of the 36 only a few frames succeeded because the majority of the images are overexposed.