I introduce my pinhole cameras 2.

June 26, 2017

I collected some new pinhole cameras in the last few years.

I have some bought cameras and some DIY cameras.
Reality so Subtle 6×6: This is a medium format film camera with short focal length and two laser drilled pinhole. I can the change the horizont and the roll back the film (double exposition). The laser drilled holes give the sharpest pictures. The camera was made by 3D print.

lyukkamera, pinhole, camera, reality so subtle 6x6, 3d print
Holga 120 WPC: It is 6×9 and 6×12 format roll film pinhole camera. It works with cable release. Later I fixed a filter holder but it doesn’t appear in the photo below.

lyukkamera, pinhole, camera,  holga 120 wpc
Pfiegel 6×6: My friend, Bálint Pfiegel planed and 3D printed roll film pinhole camera. Interesting the curved back and the sharpest picture.

lyukkamera, pinhole, camera, Pfiegel, Bálint 6x6
Matchbox pinhole camera: The simplest and the cheapest 35mm film camera. The photography is an experience with this camera because it is small and light.

lyukkamera, pinhole, camera, matchbox, gyufásdoboz

Teapot pinhole camera: This is a DIY camera of course. It’s special because it has 6 holes, 3 in the middle and 3 up. I can make 3 pictures on one paper even shifted horisont. It’s disadvantage is that it isn’t weather-resistant.

lyukkamera, pinhole, camera, teáskanna, teapot

Electric box: I use for solargraphy, if I want to hide.

lyukkamera, pinhole, camera, elektromos doboz, kötődoboz, electric box